Make your huddle space, cloud-based video conferencing, auditoriums, distance education centre and corporate interiors interactive with modern AV systems, lighting automation & unified communications.

Build an ‘intelligent office’ Building Automation Systems in Delhi NCR ,Mumbai and Bangalore with Lightomated—a building where control systems communicate seamlessly—offers owners, operators and employees an array of advantages and one easy-to-use system to combat the two biggest energy costs in offices—Security and HVAC.

This connectivity allows a building to seem “aware” of its occupants and responsive to their needs while effectively managing energy use throughout the facility—even shedding load during periods of demand response.


Corporate Spaces

Lightomated creates a work environment that attracts great talent. Automate your conference halls, huddle rooms, interactive training rooms with immersive telepresence technology.

Educational Institutions

The new era, especially post-Covid, demands a high tech solution for the education industry. Online educational institutions have seen a surge in admissions in the last one year. To run them smoothly, install the best distance learning system with Lightomated that also include hi-tech audio system and HD video conferencing system.


Although human interaction serves the greatest value, automation technology including digital keys, contactless service (effective for pandemic), AI-based customer services, etc can ease the process.


Unified Communication Solutions

Communication is the key to generate top-notch ideas and resolve issues for the development of a firm. Lightomated enhances your experience (like video conferencing, scheduling meetings digitally, training sessions, etc.) with unified communication solutions.

Lighting Solutions

Enhance your corporate experience with Best Lighting Automation System in Delhi NCR. We enable corporates, hotels, educational institutions to control & automate their lighting from one application/keypad.

AV Systems

Lightomated provides AV Solutions like Display Solutions, Audio Control Systems, Routing & Switching with hi-tech audiovisual automation tools.

Temperatures and Lighting

Reduce your energy costs by monitoring individual areas for proper temperatures and lighting in addition to setting control points for specific floors or locations


Need a highly secure office? Turn your existing access control into an extremely secure control solution.


Turn on the screen or projector and audio with the simple press of a button, taking away the need for an elaborate setup.

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