Lightomated is a technology partner offering tailor made solutions for corporates, educational institutes, public domain & hospitality. We help to make enterprises sustainable and smart across their conference facilities, auditoriums, classrooms & retail stores.

Build an ‘intelligent office’ Building Automation Systems in Delhi NCR ,Mumbai and Bangalore with Lightomated—a building where control systems communicate seamlessly—offers owners, operators and employees an array of advantages and one easy-to-use system to combat the two biggest energy costs in offices—Security and HVAC.

This connectivity allows a building to seem “aware” of its occupants and responsive to their needs while effectively managing energy use throughout the facility—even shedding load during periods of demand response.

Temperatures and Lighting

Reduce your energy costs by monitoring individual areas for proper temperatures and lighting in addition to setting control points for specific floors or locations


Need a highly secure office? Turn your existing access control into an extremely secure control solution.


Turn on the screen or projector and audio with the simple press of a button, taking away the need for an elaborate setup.