We have got you covered on all fronts with Home Automation System provider and Home Theatre Dealer. But what exactly home automation covers?

Components of best Home Automation system dealer,Mumbai and Bangalore by Lightomated may include the centralized control of security locks system on doors and gates, appliances, windows, lighting, surveillance cameras and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). So even when you’re not at home, Lightomated’s intelligent software will keep the little things like- turning off lights, shutting down air conditioning, securing your house in order so you have time for things of greater importance.

Bring home the elegance of the best home automation system

Security Control

Access to the keyless home security system at your fingertips with Lightomated. Rest assured that your dream palace is in safe hands.

Smart Home Control

Step into your home comfortably and move out with ease without getting your hand on switch-based control. We provide smart lighting, audiovisual systems to control everything on just one application/keypad.

Lighting & Shade Control

Tired of rolling the shades up and down the entire day? What if you control the shades and set the lighting based on your mood? We offer lighting management solutions from leading home automation brands like Lutron and Crestron for one-touch lighting & shade control.

Distributed Audio Visual Control

You can listen to music (Spotify, youtube etc), watch videos from any corner of your house with our distributed audio-visual controlling systems. Partnering with hi-tech audio systems pvt ltd and finest home theatre dealers in Delhi, we create a next-gen experience that enables you to select different music/videos as per your preference for different spaces like living area, gym, terrace etc through one app/keypad.

Wireless Home Automation

No more clutter of long copper wires will be seen hanging around or lying down at your home. Come home to an organized and well-assembled space.

Temperature Control

Lightomated provides a temperature control system with interactive solutions that set your room temperature when you are in the comfort of your house with a single touch. This technology is based on energy conservation systems, promoting energy conservation and a healthier lifestyle.

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